Bob hairstyles for women

Among the most popular hairstyle for 2013 will be the short bob haircut. The bob is such a flexile option because you can use it in a trendy casual way as well as in a classy yet sophisticated way. Adding texture and putting soft layers will add up more life to a bob haircut.

Cara Buono short bob hairstyle with large curls

Charlize Theron jaw-length bob cut with curls

Chloe Moretz short bob with curls

Daniela Virgilio bob hairstyle

Dianna Agron layered bob hairstyle with side-swept bangs

Giselle Fernandez blunt cut bob cut

Keira Knightley a-line bob cut

Keira Knightley short bob hairstyle with mussed spiral curls

Paris Hilton retro platinum bob hairstyle

Patricia Arquette blunt cut bob cut

Rachael Taylor short side-parted bob cut

Scarlett Johansson inverted bob haircut

Tina Majorino jaw-length bob hairstyle




Women Bob Hairstyles – Pictures of Bob Haircuts…

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